Australian Websites

Arthritis Australia

Joint pain and arthritis symptoms often have a big impact on the daily lives of people, and although arthritis can be difficult to live with, there are many simple measures that can help anyone manage their symptoms.

Arthritis Australia have published an information sheet Haemochromatosis and Haemochromatotic Arthritis with information specific to the type of arthritis that is sometimes associate with iron overload from haemochromatosis.

The Australian Liver Foundation

Care for your liver.

The Australian Red Cross Lifeblood

General information about how to donate blood through the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

Lifeblood -Therapeutic Venesection Policy

Lifeblood offers a therapeutic venesection program for eligible donors with haemochromatosis. Useful information and links to relevant forms for your doctor to complete.

Lifeblood Teams: Haemochromatosis Australia

Haemochromatosis Australia has formed a Lifeblood Team If you donate blood through Lifeblood why not join our group and have your donations included in our group tally? See how many lives Our members save. Just type ‘Haemochromatosis Australia’ in the “Organisation or group’ field and add your details. You must already be registered as a Lifeblood blood donor before you can join a Lifeblood team.

Better Health Channel, Victoria.

Health and medical information for consumers. Read their information about haemochromatosis.

Cancer Council Australia

Information about cancer and its prevention. Also links to each state and territory Cancer Council website.

Centre for Genetic Health Research – Haemochromatosis Fact Sheet

A useful fact sheet explaining the genetics of haemochromatosis.

Depression – Beyond Blue website

The national depression initiative..

Beyond Blue Fact Sheet – Chronic Physical Illness and Depression

Fact sheet with information about depression and chronic illness.

Diabetes Australia

Home page for Diabetes Australia.

Dietitians Australia

Nutrition information from Dietitians Australia..


FerriScan is an analysis service that provides an accurate measurement of liver iron concentration (LIC) through a non-invasive, MRI-based technology..

GESA – Gastroenterological Society of Australia

Useful information about haemochromatosis. The website also has other useful health consumer information and a list of gastroenterologists and their contact details.


healthdirect: trusted health information and advice online and over the phone (1800 022 222), available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Funded by the Governments of Australia.

your health link


Health information the right way. Mid North Coast Local Health District

International Websites


Grup Braseleiro De Haemocromatose Hereditaria


Canadian Haemochromatosis Society.


European federation of Associations of patients with haemochromatosis.


Haemochromatosis information on the French HepataoWeb site..


Irish haemochromatosis Association.


Hemochromatose Veriniging Nederland.

New Zealand

Haemochromatosis information on the Leukaemia & Blood Cancer NZ website.

United Kingdom

Haemochromatosis Society (UK)

Home page for The Haemochromatosis Society (UK).


Haemochromatosis Awareness Society.

British Liver Trust

British Liver Trust – Fighting Liver Disease.

United States of America

American Haemochromatosis Society

The American Haemochromatosis Society.


Celtic Curse is another name for haemochromatosis.

Iron Disorders Institute

information about all iron disorders including haemochromatosis.

Iron Overload Action Network
Information about haemochromatosis and an action network based in US.

information about all iron disorders including haemochromatosis.
The Hemochromatosis Information Centre

Hemochromatosis.org – a centre for excess iron information. An Iron Disorders Association website.