We are joining with other members of Haemochromatosis International, the international alliance of haemochromatosis support groups, to support a worldwide, coordinated haemochromatosis awareness campaign in the first week of June each year.

Using the media, displays, and other activities, the week is an opportunity to focus attention on Haemochromatosis and the risk of inherited iron overload.

Media Enquiries

Media Release – World Haemochromatosis Week 2020

Iron researcher goes rusty

Community Service Announcement – 30 second audio MP3 clip

Radio stations may play these audio clips (unedited) on air at any time. We would appreciate a brief email letting us know you have used the CSA to feedback@ha.org.au.

Download the CSA file as .wav file: Haemochromatosis CSA Audio WAV

Download the CSA file as .mp3 fileHaemochromatosis CSA Audio MP3

Download the text of the CSA: CSA Script 2018 – Haemochromatosis Australia

Haemochromatosis Jingle (30 second song)

Download the Haemochromatosis Jingle (.wav file): Haemochromatosis 30-second jingle

How can I help?

What can I do to raise awareness of haemochromatosis whilst remaining safe in isolation?

Download and print our ‘TEST’ poster (A4). You can help us spread the news about haemochromatosis by displaying this poster at the front of your home during the week for passersby to see. Please take a photo of the poster at the front of your home and post to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts using the hashtag #WHW2020. Message or email the photo (admin@ha.org.au) and we will upload to our Facebook page as well.

You can email the ‘TEST’ poster to your local councillors and State and Federal MPs. Ask if they would post a photo of themselves holding the poster to their social media using the hashtag #WHW2020 during World Haemochromatosis Week saying they support haemochromatosis awareness.

Send an email or phone your local politicians to let them know haemochromatosis is the most common genetic disorder affecting Australians and make sure they understand its impact if undetected and untreated.  You may discover that your representative or someone they know is also affected.

Write to your local paper or ring your local radio station and tell them about haemochromatosis.

Use your social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

Like and Share our Facebook page and posts.

Like and Follow our Instagram – Haemochromatosis Australia.

Follow, Like and Retweet us on Twitter @HaemAus.

Visit our YouTube channel – HaemochromatosisAust and Like and Share our videos and jingle.

Download our I support World Haemochromatosis Week’ social media tile or ‘TEST tile’ and post to your favourite social media. Please use the hashtag #WHW2020

Post your own social media messages and use the hashtag #WHW2020

Support us

Join Haemochromatosis Australia or make a tax-deductible donation. We are a volunteer organisation reliant on membership subscriptions and donations to raise awareness and provide support to those diagnosed with the condition.

For just $40 a year (pensioners $25) you can help us in our mission to ensure No Australian will suffer harm from haemochromatosis.

Join Us or Donate

Key messages

The key messages of the week are:

  • Haemochromatosis is the most common genetic disorder in Australia
  • If you are the 1 in 200 affected, it can cause serious health problems
  • ask your doctor, find out if you are storing too much iron.

FotoFeXPO 2020 – International Photo Expo

Rust Never Sleeps

Haemochromatosis International is hosting an online exhibition of photography from members and supporters around the world to coincide with World Week.

Haemochromatosis International is hosting an online exhibition of photography from members and supporters around the world to coincide with World Week.

Rust Never Sleeps is the theme. It was selected to illustrate how haemochromatosis can be found like rust or oxidation everywhere around the world.

Please send your images to info@haemochromatosis-international.org by Sunday 24th May 2020. Please include your name and contact details (so people can contact you if they would like to see/buy your work) and a description of the photo submitted (when/where taken/other details). Your photo may be of anything you believe illustrates the theme.

We request your permission to allow Haemochromatosis International and its member organisations to use your photo. In future FotoFeXPOs we hope to gain sponsorship for this annual exhibition.

View the gallery of fabulous photos that have been summited here.

Resources and Information


You can also download and print a copy from the links below

Poster (A4) TEST poster

Poster (A4) Are you pumping too much iron?

Poster (A4) Tired and aching joints

Poster (A4) Celtic ancestry

Social media tile I Support World Haemochromatosis Week

Social media tile TEST

or you can email publications@ha.org.au or give us a call on 1300 019 028.

Booklets and Brochures

You can download copies here:

• Haemochromatosis Your Questions Answered

• Haemochromatosis brochure

or you can email publications@ha.org.au or give us a call on 1300 019 028 if you would like us to send you bulk print copies.


You can access our videos on YouTube or contact us and we will post you a DVD if you would like to play the videos during an event or in a display.

You can view our short (2 minute) animated video explaining haemochromatosis on YouTube here.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss an idea for raising awareness or would like some help or advice about running an event or activity during the week, email admin@ha.org.au or call our INFO LINE 1300 019 028.