Haemochromatosis – short animation

This video runs for 2 minutes 15 seconds. It provides an overview of haemochromatosis, or inherited iron overload disorder, in simple terms.

Living with Haemochromatosis

We asked people with haemochromatosis to tell us about their experiences of diagnosis, treatment and living with the condition.

These are their stories.


The symptoms of haemochromatosis can be very vague and difficult to diagnose.

Genetics and Family

Haemochromatosis is a genetic condition. If it is detected in your family, it’s important that all first degree relatives in your family are tested. Don’t ignore the information – it could be a life saver.

How is haemochromatosis diagnosed?

How do doctors confirm a diagnose haemochromatosis? Simple blood tests.

Impact of Diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis of haemochromatosis can be a relief. You finally understand what’s going on and you can start effective treatment.

Treatment and Management of the Condition

How do you treat haemochromatosis? One, simple answer – giving blood, and it is very effective.

Day to Day Impact

What sort of impacts does having haemochromatosis have on your day to day life? Time for treatments, diet etc.

Support: Haemochromatosis Australia

Need information or support for haemochromatosis? Haemochromatosis Australia can help. Find out more.


Is having haemochromatosis a bad thing? Not if it is detected early. It is important to act. Haemochromatosis:
Tricky to say
Easy to test
Simple to treat
Tragic to ignore.

Haemochromatosis Explained

This video runs for 10 minutes. It explains haemochromatosis in more detail. It also features interviews with some of our members living with haemochromatosis.

Haemochromatosis Now and into the Future

Haemochromatosis Australia experts talk about what’s happening now and what we need to do in the future to improve understanding, management and treatment of haemochromatosis.

Learning more about Haemochromatosis

Haemochromatosis Australia volunteer Karin talks about the resources, information and support available for people diagnosed with haemochromatosis and for health professionals.

Screening and Testing for Haemochromatosis

The cost to the health system and the case for population screening for haemochromatosis. health economist and Haemochromatosis Australia Board Member Dr Barbara de Graaff PhD.

Research and the Future: Understanding, Treating and managing Haemochromatosis

What’s happening with research into haemochromatosis? What do we need to do into the future to ensure haemochromatosis is understood, managed and treated effectively. Dr Dan Johnstone PhD (Haemochromatosis researcher and Haemochromatosis Australia Board member).

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