The App for people with haemochromatosis

About this App
An app to help you manage your treatment for haemochromatosis providing a directory of places where you can have your blood taken (searchable by postcode),  an online tool for recording (& downloading)  your blood test results and venesection history,  and a calendar for managing your appointments. 

All data entered to the App is stored locally on the device, not uploaded to the internet. The App is safe, secure and easy to use.

Use the app to:

• Set treatment goals (targets for Serum Ferritin & Transferrin Saturation )
• Record blood test results
• Record treatment history (dates you had blood taken)
• View your progress against goals
• Export your results for your GP or specialist (optional)|
• Record appointments and receive reminders
• Track which arm you last used for giving blood
• Find where you can have blood taken (browse the map or search by location)
• Find tips for preparing to have blood taken
• Find out more about haemochromatosis

The App was developed Good Dog Design for Haemochromatosis Australia and was funded by a grant under the Public health and Chronic Disease Grant Program by the Commonwealth of Australia Department of Health.

Download the App

Free App.

Use this image to download the My Iron Manager App from the Apple Store.

Help Navigating through the App
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Available for Apple on the App Store and Android on Google Play.

How do I export my results for my doctor or myself?
How can I get help using the app?

General Disclaimer
The use of information or data contained in the My Iron Manager App or on this website www.haemochromatosis.org.au is at your own risk. While every effort is made to ensure that information or data provided in the App and on this website is accurate and current, it is only intended as a guide and not as a substitute for professional medical advice. Before relying on anything you see in the App or on this website, you should consult with your doctor or health-care professional, or, if appropriate, obtain some other form of independent verification as to accuracy and completeness. Haemochromatosis Australia makes no warranties or representations, express or implied as to the accuracy or usefulness of the information or data contained in the App or  on this website, or as to the suitability of that information or data for any particular purpose.

Locations to Have Blood Taken database (Locator)
This data base, of potential venesection providers, has been compiled from a range of sources, including members of the public calling the Haemochromatosis Australia INFO LINE. 
In some cases the information has not been checked by Haemochromatosis Australia and/or the information may no longer be current. 
Please contact the organisation directly to check if they are able to assist you. 
Haemochromatosis Australia would appreciate details of any other venesection providers in Australia, as well as any feedback on the accuracy of this database. 
This can be provided by calling the Info Line on 1300019028 or by email to feedback@ha.org.au