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A short (2 minute) animated video explaining the basics of hereditary haemochromatosis.

More videos

For more detailed videos explaining haemochromatosis visit our Videos page.

‘Haemochromatosis’ brochure

Download PDFDownload a PDF version of our brochure here.

Haemochromatosis Your Questions Answered

Download PDFDownload a PDF version of our booklet here.

This 28-page booklet explains haemochromatosis in simple terms.

Family letter – what they need to know about haemochromatosis

Since haemochromatosis is an inherited disorder, family members of someone diagnosed with haemochromatosis are at increased risk of also having the condition. It is important to alert these  family members and tell them what they need to do about it.

Explaining haemochromatosis to others might seem a difficult task, especially if you have just been diagnosed yourself and are just learning what you need to know to manage the condition.

Haemochromatosis Australia with the assistance of our GP Liaison Officer Dr Katie Goot MBBS FACRRM has developed a one page letter suitable to email or post to relatives. It explains what they need to know in simple terms and is suitable for them to take to their own GP to discuss testing.

Download PDFDownload a PDF of the family letter here.

International Therapeutic Guidelines

Therapeutic recommendations in HFE hemochromatosis for p.Cys282Tyr (C282Y/C282Y) homozygous genotype
Therapeutic guidelines published in Heaptology International Journal March 2018

Haemochromatosis Information Sheets

IS1: Genetic Test results and haemochromatosis mutations. What genotype are you?
Explains the genetic basis of haemochromatosis and what each genetic test result type means. 

IS2: Diet and Haemochromatosis
There is no specific diet for haemochromatosis. This information sheet provides information about diet and haemochromatosis.

We will add further information sheets from time to time. Please check nack later for more.

IS3: Preparing to give blood
Tips for a successful venesection.

To order printed copies of the above resources email publications@ha.org.au

Other Fact Sheets

Haemochromatosis and Haemochromatotic Arthritis
Arthritis Australia have information sheet.

Life Insurance Products and Genetic Testing in Australia
Fact sheet from NSW Health Centre for Genetics Education www.genetics.edu.au. Updated 230 January 2019.

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