From time to time Haemochromatosis Australia organises public information sessions and support meetings around the country. The majority of these are held around Haemochromatosis Awareness Week in August each year.

Coming Events

Blue Mountains, NSW – Living with Haemochromatosis

Anyone LIVING WITH HAEMOCHROMATOSIS is welcome to come to any of the informal meetings held by Blackheath’s Haemochromatosis Discussion Group.   Friendly supportive atmosphere, private; no RSVPs, sign ins nor entry fees.  Just call in whenever it suits and meet others just like you.

Meetings are held at the Blackheath Golf Club, Valley View Rd & Brightlands Ave, Blackheath. Meet at the reception desk. Discussion begins at 11.00 am in a small private meeting room. Refreshments available from Birdies Bistro after noon.

Enquiries Barbara 02 4787 7937 or email  barbara@ozemail.com.au or SMS/text 0467 558 032.


South Australian Support Group

Some of our members from South Australia get together from time to time for a chat and a cup of coffee.  The group meets 4 – 5 times a year on a Saturday at 2pm at Bocelli’s, Hutt Street, Adelaide. The next meeting will be Saturday 18 May 2019.

Contact Matthew on 0412 766 925  or matthew.howie@ha.org.au to advise you are attending or for more information.


Cheryl Wilson organises an informal support group that meets every few months at Cheryl’s home for a chat and a cuppa. The next meeting will be Sunday 10 March 2019 at 2pm. Give Cheryl a ring on 07 4635 6275 if you would like to attend.

Townsville Support Group

If you’re interested in joining a local support group contact Sheryl on 07 4725 3973  or mobile 0408 702300 or email tom.brannan@bigpond.com