The stress one has to endure when being tested for cancer is undoubtedly one of the hardest to bear. So better understanding the type of tests physicians will make use of in order to diagnose and create classifications is going to make things easier and relieve part of this stress. Plus, understanding cytology, histology, or biopsy tests and their results will also aid patients better collaborate with their physicians so they can come up with the best treatment schemes.


The Diagnosis Of Cancer: TechiData Synergy Histology-Cytology


Expert physicians who analyze tissue samples under the microscope are the main specialists who normally handle the diagnosis of cancer. Nevertheless, analyzing proteins, DNA and RNA from the blood cells inside the lab is another potential treatment method that is often times used. The TD-Synergy Histology-Cytology solutions are meant to aid specialists in fields like cytology, non-gynecological cytology, autopsy, and histology, allowing physicians to use the User Dictionary and simply define specialties, individual user rights such as pathologist, cytology screener, technologists, or secretary rights. The user interface is friendly and simple to manage and it provides useful information and data that is required so that a certain task can be completed. Entering block instructions for individual worksheet blocks, defining the number of specimen generated blocks, inserting the number of stains and preparations that need to be completed – all of these are part of the TD-Synergy Histology-Cytology solution we have in store for you.  

Moreover, macroscopic and microscopic examinations, slide identification, worksheet printouts, the clinical review of patients’ results, patient history data, special SNOMED coding, or reports containing minimum data sets are also part of the key features. For proper cancer diagnosis management, our Techni Data products will provide physicians with the extra set of hands they need.


The Importance Of Cytology Tests


These cytology tests can also prove to be helpful for diagnosing various other diseases as well through the testing of samples for cancer and certain infections that might also be responsible for health issues, lumps, and other growths that normally announce the existence of cancer. Biopsy specimens and the testing process itself called pathology are therefore extremely important, and imaging or radiology studies can also help in this regard. While many lumps are benign and do not spread into the body, malignant or cancerous tumors are known to spread to tissues that are located nearby and to more distant organs and parts of the body. 

Cytology specimens are much easier to get as compared to biopsies, and they are also less costly. Plus, a cytology specimen is proved to cause a smaller number of complications and discomfort in patients that are being tested for cancer. Also, cytology tests can be used for both diagnosis and screening. Unimed medical center in Israel currently works together with a large number of highly reputable, experienced, and successful oncologists and other cancer specialists who are ready to undergo all the complete series of cytology and biology tests that are necessary for diagnosis and proper treatment.