Haemochromatosis Australia is hosting two exciting events in Sydney 26 August 2017.

The events will be held at Club on East, Sutherland.

2pm: Free Public Haemochromatosis Information Session

More details here.

8pm: Comedy for a Cause

A fun-filled evening of laughter featuring four comedians from the Sydney and Melbourne International Comedy festivals. 18+.

This is the major fund-raising event for our organisation. It is not just for people with haemochromatosis – anyone looking for a fun night out and lots of laughs should join us.

If you’re just after a fun-filled night out, form a group of friends, pre-purchase your tickets and join us by 8pm.

If you’re also interested in haemochromatosis, join us for the afternoon information session, meet the committee of Haemochromatosis Australia and chat with others with the condition. You may like to dine at Club on East before the comedy event.

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Umit Bali

James Smith

Matt Wakefiled

Sam Bowring