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How much does haemochromatosis cost an individual in terms of health costs, productivity and well-being?

How much does haemochromatosis cost the Australian health system and society in general?

Would you like to help us find the answer?


Menzies Institute logoResearchers at the Menzies Research Institute Tasmania are conducting a study into the costs related to having haemochromatosis. This is part of a larger project that will investigate cost-effective screening programs. Such programs aim to reduce the number of people who develop health problems due to iron overload.

The researchers are interested in hearing from as many people as possible who have been diagnosed with haemochromatosis.  


Haemochromatosis Australia supports the research and ask you to spare a little time to help understand the costs of this condition.

Who can participate: anyone living in Australia who has been diagnosed with haemochromatosis aged 18 years or older. It doesn’t matter if you experience no health problems or if you experience quite a few related to haemochromatosis.

What is involved: There are two parts to this study:

  • First, an online survey looking at health, employment, income and private health insurance.
  • After this, we will ask you to complete a ‘Cost Diary’ once per month for three months. This will involve recording recent use of any health services (e.g. doctor’s appointments, blood tests, venepuncture) or medications, and the costs (if any) of these.

How: Visit the survey website here.