Brendan Kaye and Ben Shuker who have been cycling from Shanghai to Dublin have arrived safely in Dublin on 7 December after their 14,000 km epic journey to raise awareness of haemochromatosis. What a fantastic effort.

Brendan and Ben were met at Dublin’s Mansion House (the official residence of the Lord Mayor)  by Margaret Mullett, president of the Irish Haemochromatosis Society and the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Naoise Ó Muir and received a warm welcome from a crowd of supporters at the reception which followed.

Brendan, from Chicago, was inspired to  do this because his uncle has haemochromatosis and had to undergo a liver transplant because of late diagnosis of the condition. Ben, from Brisbane, decided to help out a mate. Well done lads & thank you. You are great ambassadors for your countries and for the cause of raising awareness of haemochromatosis so that people are diagnosed before harm occurs.

Some interesting statistics from their journey (courtesy of their blog SHANGHAI.DUBLIN)

14220km / 8836miles

75 flat tyres

40 broken spokes

123 ride days

6 1/2 months

20 countries

4 seasons

2 idiots

0 regrets

Congratulations and thank you, Brendan and Ben.

We hope you take a well deserved break and enjoy the festive season with family and friends.