007. Linda McInally – Blue Hue #2


007. Linda McInally – Blue Hue #2

Acrylic, 75cm x 75cm.

The experience of Blue Hue #2 is created in an abstract expressionist style that visually depicts movement and vitality by the use of lines and shapes which lead in multiple directions. The artwork’s vibrant and energetic blue hues in phthalo blue, turquoise, French ultramarine, cobalt blue and white with yellow highlights. The artwork simultaneously creates calming effects through its blue hues along with creative bursts and sparks of yellow that can also mimic life’s ever changing realities of new experiences, change and evolution.

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Linda McInally is an Australian, Brisbane-based artist. Leaving full-time work has allowed Linda to gain knowledge of art history and practices through her studies at the Queensland College of Art. Linda's art often explores symbolic and abstracted ideas through inter-disciplinary works across a range of mediums.