001. Leanne Horrocks – Giverny Exposition


001. Leanne Horrocks – Giverny Exposition

Oils on canvas, 56cm x 90cm.

The dilemma of balancing physical and emotional health. Haemochromatosis, a disease inherited and often undiagnosed, can present serious health issues later in life when contentment and fulfilment are the goals. My own retirement led me to rediscover painting and to visit Monet’s garden. The exuberance of colour, foliage and light inspired me to use oils for the first time. I began this work by painting the background predominantly red to mirror overabundance of red blood cells. Through experimental layering, the composition finds a balance. Treating haemochromatosis is similarly one of balance, through the removal of excess red blood cells.

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Leanne Horrocks is a retired humanities teacher. She last painted in 1973 but rediscovered her passion for art in retirement. After visiting Giverny and seeing Monet’s garden she was inspired to paint for this worthy cause as she recently discovered the disease is in the family.