014. Kimberly Smith – Indoor Pool – “Trials of 2022”


014. Kimberly Smith – Indoor Pool – “Trials of 2022”

Acrylic on canvas, 15cm x 15cm x1cm.

“Trials of 2022” explores the Uncovering of Firsts. Brand new challenges life has thrown at Me. From the Omicron outbreak to the sudden onset of a currently unknown chronic illness and the aftermath of catastrophic flooding. Using a Monotone Portrait format and a “social media feed” style layout, I explore these challenges from an outside perspective. This layout intends to convey to the viewer the duality of the subject feeling of fear, helplessness and isolation; whilst the viewer experiences the perspective of my friends and family, who are likewise isolated and unable to help.

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Kimberly Smith has been a practicing artist since 2015. She began her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at QCA Southbank in March 2019 and for the past 3 years her work has been studying popular in a variety of styles and media.