018. Sarah Weaver – Fragmented


018. Sarah Weaver – Fragmented

Oil on canvas’22, 42cm x 42cm.

This piece is about feeling out of control, the frustration of misdiagnosed hereditary haemochromatosis. Palette knife work requires a certain loss of control, so I just let the knife go for it and exercised restraint by standing back and not trying to make things look a certain way. The fragmented images appeared spontaneously – I am never sure if others can see them, so I hope it’s not just me! They seem to mirror the mind-bending journey in search of diagnosis.

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Sarah Weaver runs an adult art teaching business in Hobart and is the founder of OVERLOAD, running the show 2012 – 2016. Motivated by frustration over delayed diagnosis of hereditary haemochromatosis in a family member, Sarah is thrilled to be exhibiting and to see OVERLOAD living on, in its 10th year!
Sarah Weaver