019. Daniel Wallace – The Celtic Curse – Haemochromatosis


019. Daniel Wallace – The Celtic Curse – Haemochromatosis

Digital artwork printed on paper, 58cm x 58cm.

“The Celtic Curse – Haemochromatosis” is a “SangerArtwork” made from the DNA sequence of the HFE gene. It features a Celtic knot design and includes the p.C282Y mutation, the most common cause of haemochromatosis, positioned inside a blood spatter – representing the disease, which is treated by the removal of blood. The C282Y mutation is very common among people with northern European and Celtic ancestry, giving it the nickname “Celtic Curse”. It was the Sanger method of DNA sequencing, back in 1996 that first uncovered the genetic cause of haemochromatosis as being the p.C282Y mutation in the HFE gene.

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Daniel Wallace is a medical research scientist, university lecturer and science-themed artist. He has researched the genetics and molecular basis of haemochromatosis for over 25 years. He was inspired by the teaching of DNA sequencing at QUT to create DNA-themed designs and artworks.