020. Daniel Wallace – HFE – the rusty cog


020. Daniel Wallace – HFE – the rusty cog


Digital artwork printed on paper, 50cm x 51cm.

I created “HFE – the rusty cog” in 2022. It is a “DNA dot-to-dot” digital drawing made using the HFE gene DNA sequence. It is made from a single line that links small dots, the colour of which indicates the DNA base (A = green, C = blue, G = yellow, T = red). The line joining the bases changes colour and creates a drawing of a rusty cog in industrial machinery. The positions of the bases that are commonly mutated in haemochromatosis (p.C282Y and p.H63D), first uncovered by DNA sequencing in 1996, are indicated with circles surrounding the affected bases.

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Daniel Wallace is a medical research scientist, university lecturer and science-themed artist. He has researched the genetics and molecular basis of haemochromatosis for over 25 years. He was inspired by the teaching of DNA sequencing at QUT to create DNA-themed designs and artworks.