017. Sarah Weaver – The Red Suit


017. Sarah Weaver – The Red Suit

Oil on canvas ’22, 52 x 42cm.

This abstract artwork evolved as one of my “mindscape” pieces, created using leftover oil paint at the end of a group painting workshop. Slashing around with the palette knife, I stood back and realised there was a guy in a red suit staring back at me, with various other mysterious entities lurking around. In my mind, this image has become a metaphor for the insidious nature of undiagnosed hereditary haemochromatosis. I have also discovered a great way of using up our old studio paint.

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Sarah Weaver runs an adult art teaching business in Hobart and is the founder of OVERLOAD, running the show 2012 – 2016. Motivated by frustration over delayed diagnosis of hereditary haemochromatosis in a family member, Sarah is thrilled to be exhibiting and to see OVERLOAD living on, in its 10th year! Sarah Weaver www.jacksonstudio.net