004. Eddie Evans – Mushroom Coral – Fungia Concinna


004. Eddie Evans – Mushroom Coral – Fungia Concinna

Printed Photograph (single print run only), 32cm x 42cm framed.

I photographed this mushroom coral off the coast of Mooloolaba during a night dive in 2000.  The feathery tentacles can be seen emerging to feed on the passing organisms in the water.  A rare capture of an intimate moment that usually only occurs during the night – and as our magnificent reef is overloaded by warmed seas and climate change – this spectacle is becoming even harder to observe, as the corals bleach and die.

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Eddie Evans is an underwater amateur photographer based in Far North Queensland. He has been exploring the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef since the mid-1980s and has witnessed firsthand the gradual, yet overwhelming changes that are happening to this threatened world wonder.