Paul Cox, the great Australian film director and prolific independent film-maker has lost his battle with liver cancer at the age of 76.

Paul was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2009 and only a last-minute liver transplant saved his life. At that time he was diagnosed with haemochromatosis and advanced iron overload which had led to the cancer. Sadly, the cancer returned and despite a tenacious battle, he lost the fight last Sunday.

Following his diagnosis, Paul felt strongly that haemochromatosis was underdiagnosed in the community. He generously donated his time and expertise to produce an awareness-raising TV advertisement  in which he speaks of his own experience with the condition. He also helped us produce a two-minute educational Haemochromatosis video that has now been viewed over 30,000 times on YouTube.


Haemochromatosis Australia extends our condolences to Paul’s daughter Kyra Cox at this sad time.

We salute Paul as shining light in the Australian film scene and express our gratitude for his wonderful support during the last few years.

Read more about Paul’s amazing career and life on Wikipedia here.

Watch the animated Haemochromatosis video on our YouTube channel.