Would you like to help with a haemochromatosis research study?

The HFE Fibrosis Study team, a Melbourne based research study team are recruiting volunteers to take part in a study to validate the use of non-invasive tests for liver fibrosis in people who have genetic haemochromatosis and high levels of serum ferritin.

If you have haemochromatosis

• with two copies of the C282Y gene change and

• have a current serum ferritin of more than 1000μg/L,

• are over 18 years of age

the team need your help to validate the use of non-invasive liver fibrosis markers such as blood tests and a type of liver ultrasound called transient elastography (also called fibroscan) as an alternative to invasive tests such as liver biopsies.

The study involves a single visit to the Austin (Heidelberg) or Box Hill Hospitals where a blood test and fibroscan will be performed.

For further information, please contact Dr Sim Ong : simyee.ong@mcri.edu.au