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Ep 1: Diagnosing haemochromatosis in general practice

Dr Robert Menz is an Australian General Practitioner based in Adelaide, South Australia. He has a particular interest in Chronic Disease Management.   He is the RACGP Medical Advisor for the RACGP exam, a member of the SA/NT faculty board and also a senior examiner. He has an interest in Standards, and is an Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) practice surveyor. Robert completed a Masters in Clinical Education in 2013 and teaches General Practice and Clinical Education.

Ep 2: Genetic screening for haemochromatosis

Professor Martin Delatycki is a clinical geneticist based in Melbourne, Australia. He is Medical Director of Victorian Clinical Genetics Services and Co-director of the Bruce Lefroy Centre, Murdoch Childrens Research Centre, Melbourne. Principal Investigator and Co-Lead, Mackenzie’s Mission.

Ep 3: Lifeblood’s therapeutic donor program with Dr Peter Bentley

Dr Peter Bentley, a Senior Medical Officer with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood based in Perth. His manages the therapeutic donor program for Lifeblood. He talks about the benefits of the program for people with haemochromatosis requiring venesections, the benefits for the community and how treating GPs and specialists can easily refer patients for venesection using the online High ferritin app. Listen now.

Ep 4: Haemochromatosis and arthritis with Prof Graeme Carroll

Assoc Prof Graeme Carroll is a Consultant Physician in Rheumatology at Fremantle Hospital. WA and Associate Professor of Medicine University of Notre Dame Australia and University of Western Australia. In this podcast Graeme talks about the arthropathy associated with haemochromatosis, our current understanding of the prevalence, cause, treatment and potential future research in the field.

Ep 5: Haemochromatosis and iron in the body with gastroenterologist Prof John Olynk

Gastroenterologist and researcher Prof John Olynyk speaks about haemochromatosis, diagnosis, and new developments in research into iron in the body and health. “Haemochromatosis … the grandfather of all the knowledge that relates to iron because it’s the disease that made people need to study it”.

Ep 6: Haemochromatosis and the effects of iron overload on the body’s organs

Gastroenterologist and iron researcher Prof John Olynyk presents his second podcast in the Iron Matters series. This episode examines the effects of iron overload on the body’s organs, in particular the liver and the pancreas.

Ep7: Treating haemochromatosis by venesection

Clinical Nurse Specialist Cindy Bryant talks about treating haemochromatosis by venesection.

Ep 8: Haemochromatosis and Other Iron Disorders with Haematologist Prof Sant-Reyn Pasricha

Prof Pasricha is a haematologist at Royal Melbourne Hospital and scientist at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. In this he speaks about the role of hepcidin in iron regulation, iron deficiency and anaemia, iron overload and haemochromatosis, and thalassaemia.

Ep 9: Iron Overload in the Heart Part 1 Prof David Playford

Professor David Playford is a clinical cardiologist and Professor & Chair of Cardiology at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle. This is the first of two episodes with David where he explores issues associated with iron and the heart.

Ep 10: Iron Overload in the Heart Part 2 Prof David Playford

This is the final episode in this series of IRON MATTERS, our series of educational podcasts for GPs, allied health professionals and patients by some of the leading clinicians and medical researchers in the field in Australia exploring issues associated with iron overload and hereditary haemochromatosis. Here Professor David Playford, clinical cardiologist and Professor & Chair of Cardiology at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle explores issues of iron overload in the heart further.  


IRON-MATTERS is a series of interviews by and for medical and health practitioners focusing on hereditary haemochromatosis. The series is intended to provide general practitioners with in-depth information about this genetic chronic condition.
Topics include
– diagnosis in general practice with GP Dr Robert Menz
– the genetics of haemochromatosis with clinical geneticist Prof Martin Delatycki
– haemochromatosis and the liver with gastroenterologist Prof John Olynyk
– haemochromatotic arthropathy with rheumatologist Prof Graeme Carroll
– iron and the heart with cardiologist Prof David Playford
– best practice in venesection with nurse specialist Cindy Bryant
– Australian Red Cross Lifeblood therapeutic venesection program with Dr Peter Bentley
– bodily iron regulation with haematologist Prof Sant-Rayn Pasricha

The first episode was published 1 June 2020. Future episodes will be published every two weeks.

IRON-MATTERS is published by Haemochromatosis Australia and produced by Healthily.

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