July 17th, 2020


The launch of the first episode of our new IRON MATTERS audio podcast series was a highlight of World Haemochromatosis Week. The podcasts were produced as education resources primarily for a health professionals’ audience with GPs and practice nurses particularly in mind. However anyone with an interest in delving into haemochromatosis in a little more depth can access the podcasts in their favourite podcast app or on our website at https://www.ha.org.au/iron-matters .  

Each of the ten podcasts in the series features a health professional discussing issues relating to haemochromatosis in their particular field of specialisation or interest. The podcasts were recorded and produced professionally by health education company Healthily.

As at 13 July 2020 the first four episodes are available to download. A new episode will be released every two weeks. A video of each podcast is also available on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY9yDhS-klUHJ28CqNwbW1w

  • Ep1: Diagnosing haemochromatosis in general practice with Dr Robert Menz
  • Ep2: Genetic screening for haemochromatosis with Professor Martin Delatycki
  • Ep3: LifeBlood’s Therapeutic Donor program with Dr Peter Bentley
  • Ep4: Haemochromatosis and Arthritis with Assoc Prof Graeme Carroll
  • Ep5: Hereditary haemochromatosis with Prof John Olynyk
  • Ep6: The effects of iron overload on internal organs with Prof John Olynyk
  • Ep7: Venesections with Nurse Cindy Bryant
  • Ep8: Haemochromatosis and other iron disorders with Professor Sant-Rayn Parischa
  • Ep9: Detecting heart problems related to haemochromatosis with Professor David Playford
  • Ep10: Iron overload in the heart with Professor David Playford

We would like to thank each of the professionals who generously gave their time and expertise to help us produce this excellent new resource for doctors and nurses, the team at Healthily who did such a great job producing the series and the Department of health who funded the project under the Public Health and Chronic Disease Grant Program.