GPs, and other health professionals, in the Hunter region of NSW now have easy access to up to date information to help them in diagnosing and treating haemochromatosis. Information about the genetic basis of the disease, screening of relatives, how to investigate an affected person, how to interpret the results of the investigations, how to decide if a person with haemochromatosis needs to see a specialist, and how to arrange venesection in the local area, has been summarised and published on the Hunter & New England HealthPathways website. The website is used by GPs during consultations with patients and also includes patient information resources.

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Patient information is also directly available to patients on a companion website called Hunter & New England Patientinfo (



Patient information available






Haemochromatosis Australia have contributed to the development of this HealthPathway, and are working to ensure that it is adapted and published by other HealthPathways programs being established across many regions in Australia.

 Article contributed by 
DR Margaret Lynch
Clinical Director
Hunter  Medicare Local
Newcastle NSW