Our first Haemochromatosis Awareness Week 2012 was held from 13 – 19 August 2012 and proved to be a great success. We succeeded in raising a lot of publicity, talked to lots of people at information sessions across the country and we had members everywhere doing their bit to help us raise awareness of haemochromatosis so that those at risk are diagnosed and treated early. We learned a lot along the way so next year’s Week will be bigger and better.

Thank you to all our members and supporters who contributed in so many ways.

Haemochromatosis Awareness Week 2013 – Adleaide

Next year’s Haemochromatosis Awareness Week launch event and our Annual General Meeting will be held in Adelaide on Saturday 10 August 2013. If you live in South Australia, put that date in your diary – we would love to meet you there. If you’re planning a holiday next year, why not think about a trip to Adelaide and combine the event with a wonderful holiday destination?

Launch of Haemochromatosis Awareness Week 2012 and Sydney Information Session

Haemochromatosis Awareness Week was launched at a free public haemochromatosis information session on Saturday 11 August 2012 at the Parramatta Town Hall. The session was followed by the Annual General Meeting of Haemochromatosis Australia.

Read more here.

South Australia support group meeting – 27 October

Some of our members from South Australia get together from time to time for a chat and a cup of coffee.

The next get-together will be 2pm on 27 October at the Palazzo Cafe, corner of The Parade and Osmond Terrace, Norwodd (parking at the rear of cafe).

Contact Desma sa.contact@haemochromatosis.org.au or 1300 019 028 if you would like to join the next meeting.

Billy Wright Haemochromatosis Appeal

Stephen Wright of Warwick, Queensland has started an appeal in honour of his brother’s memory to raise awareness of haemochromatosis in his local community.

Donations and sponsorship raised during the appeal are paid to Haemochromatosis Australia and will help us fund our important support and information services for our members and people newly diagnosed with haemochromatosis who seek help and information from us.

Read more about this remarkable effort on Facebook here or make a tax deductible online donation to the appeal through the secure online donation site www.GiveNow.com.au/billywrightappeal.

Membership Subscriptions for 2012/2013 Now Due

Membership renewal letters will begin issuing from 17 May 2012 with our latest newsletter. Members who receive newsletters by email will receive a posted renewal letter as well.

You can renew membership online or complete the form and return with your payment.

Our members are our strength. We need your continuing support to continue with our work supporting people diagnosed with haemochromatosis, and raising awareness in the community so that people at risk are diagnosed and treated before harm occurs.

Haemochromatosis INFO LINE

Call the Haemochromatosis INFO LINE 1300 019 028 Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm from a land line for the cost of a local call (calls from mobiles may incur extra charges depending on your service provider).