Three new high-quality haemochromatosis education videos have been launched by haemochromatosis Australia.Launch

This time last year, we asked for help from our members and supporters through a special appeal to raise enough funds to produce three high quality education videos to help raise awareness of haemochromatosis. The production journey has taken longer than we expected, but we were determined to get it right. Along the way we had help from many people. Redfox Productions and Illumination Films produced the videos at a substantial discount. Karyn Yee at Redfox was an immense help. Two of our medical advisors and several of our members participated in the ‘Haemochromatosis Explained’ video. Film director Paul Cox donated his time and spoke bravely about his experiences with haemochromatosis in our new TV advertisement. Ben Marris, Tony Moorhead and the rest of the Haemochromatosis Australia committee spent many hours writing and checking scripts, developing ideas and reviewing early versions

We are now very proud to release the results of all of our efforts.

The videos are now available to view on YouTube and our Facebook page. We hope the videos will make a big impact in social media and the internet. You can help by viewing and Liking the videos on YouTube,  Facebook and Twitter and sharing the videos with your friends and families online. The more of us who share and talk about the videos online, the bigger the impact and the wider our awareness message will reach.

Haemochromatosis – a short animated video (2min 15 sec)

This video provides a brief overview of haemochromatosis in simple terms.

Haemochromatosis Explained (10 minutes)

A more in depth look at haemochromatosis and its impacts. This video contains information from two of our medical advisors, Professor martin Delatycki and Profesor Amanda Nicoll.  It also features some of our members talking about living with haemochromatosis.

Haemochromatosis for TV (44 seconds)

A community service advertisement we are currently offering to the major networks. Australian film director Paul Cox talks about his experience with haemochromatosis and the impact it had on his life.

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