Arthritis is a very common condition in Australia, and a major cause of disability and chronic pain affecting people from all walks of life.  Arthritis Australia provides a range of condition-specific information sheets to help people understand this troublesome condition.  Their newest information sheet is ‘Haemochromatosis and Haemochromatotic Arthritis’.  This simple and easy-to-understand information sheet provides information about the particular type of arthritis that can develop in some people with haemochromatosis.

The information sheet will also help promote community understanding and acknowledgement of associated health issues that can arise when an individual develops iron-overload. Haemochromatosis Australia gratefully acknowledges the input by Dr Graeme Carroll, Perth-based rheumatologist, and the staff at Arthritis Australia who collaborated to produce this valuable resource.

The information sheet is available from Arthritis Australia’s website here or call our INFO LINE 1300 019 028 if you would like us to post you a copy.